Past Research

Desert Tortoise Range-Wide Monitoring (2007-2013)

Ron Marlow, Jill Heaton, C. Richard Tracy, Erin Aldrich, Rohit Patil and Dan Kozar; Collaborators: USFWS, Melissa Brenneman (Topoworks), Kenneth Nussear (USGS), Steve Corn (USGS) and Phil Medica (USGS)
Desert tortoise density and distribution estimates (2007-2009), aspects of data management (database design and development, including electronic database collection systems, documentation, QA/QC, and final data product development), coordination and planning with other users of the database products; and training for collaborators involved in either field data collection or proofing. The project was cooperative between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the University of Nevada, Reno


Desert Tortoise Habitat Modeling (2007-2009)

Todd Esque (USGS), Kenneth Nussear (USGS), Kathryn Thomas, and Leila Gass (USGS); Collaborar: Jill Heaton
Developed multiple distribution models using several applications, combining desert tortoise occurrence data with select environmental data.


Desert Tortoise Threats Model (2006-2009)

Jill Heaton (UNR), Kenneth Nussear (USGS), Todd Esque (USGS), Rohit Patil, Erin Aldrich (Peace Corps), and Dan Kozar
Spatial analysis of threats including predators, road types (graded, ungraded, single track multi pass, single track single pass, double track multi pass, and double track single pass), invasive plants (brome, schismus, brassica), and trash dumps.


Desert Tortoise Translocation (2009-2010)

Todd Esque (USGS), Kenneth Nussear (USGS) and Jill Heaton; Collaborators: Kristin Berry (USGS), Kristina Drake (USGS), Philip Medica (USGS), and Rich Inman (USGS)
Desert tortoise translocation from expanded areas of the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California included the development of a spatially explicit decision support system for translocation. In addition to previous layers, this model includes a habitat model, die-off calculations, and utility corridors.


Ecosystem Indicators (2008-2011)

Jill Heaton, Ron Marlow, Rohit Patil, Abbey Grimmer, and Dan Kozar; Collaborators: Kyle House (Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology), Dave Charlet (Community College of Southern Nevada), Pat Cashman, Jim Trexler, Xin Miao (Missouri State University), Roy Dokka (Louisiana State University), and Karin Hoff
An ecosystem and geomorphology model for Clark County, Nevada using GIS, remote sensing and spatial statistics, to assess the status and trends of species covered by the Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan.


Gold Butte Habitat Fragmentation (2009-2010)

Kenneth Nussear (USGS), Todd Esque (USGS), and Jill Heaton
Document habitat for sensitive species and major vegetation communities for an integrated management plan for Gold Butte, Nevada to inform planning decisions regarding sensitive species management, recreation, law enforcement, travel management, and other programs.


Mining Claim PVC Monument Survey (2009-2010)

Jill Heaton and Ron Marlow
A systematic survey of PVC based mining claim stakes in Piute and Eldorado Valleys in Clark County, Nevada to document monuments that often trap and kill local wildlife.