Welcome to the Geo-Spatial Lab at UNR.

Our lab is focused on conducting applied research in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. We use multiple spatial scales, GIS technologies and spatial statistics to better understand ecosystem pattern and process. Most often our research specializes in herpetology and desert ecology; however, the specific species and system interests of graduate students in the G-Lab has been broad, spanning genetics, habitat modeling, and field research with organisms as diverse as bryophytes to tortoises. The G-Lab supports the research of Dr. Jill Heaton and her students, with a focus on reptile ecology and evolution in arid lands, from California to Africa.

We are always interested in hearing from prospective lab members.

We welcome the prospect of working with enthusiastic students from ecology, evolution, conservation, or geography backgrounds. Prospective students interested in pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral opportunities are encouraged to contact Dr. Jill Heaton with research interests and a current C.V.

For more details on the lab visit the research, publications, and people pages.